Camco comes to Fuzion

Camco thumb

Reiner Sassman, founder and head honcho of leading German amplifier manufacturer Camco, was in Bangkok 1st week of June. He is often here – using Bangkok as a hub for travels around Asia. We invited a group of audio professionals to come and hear what Camco are working on. With amplifiers from 500w to 4,000w per channel and multi channels options, the current word is DSP. They are completing the inclusion of DSP in the full range of products. With world class dynamics, matrix switching, filtering and delay capabilities, Camco amps now provide the total solution between the mixer and the speaker system. Reiner gave us a comprehensive run through of what the DSP delivers.

However, he then shared with us a unique and even newer application of DSP in amplifier design. They have applied DSP to power supply technology. This processing works in real time to remove the problems caused by an imperfect mains supply. And in Thailand, we have one of the worlds less than perfect mains systems. Not 50Hz, voltage fluctuations, spikes & drop outs plus poor earthing are standard. Once you use a generator for power, one problem goes away and host of new ones enter the picture. Camco’s DSP solution deals with them all and delivers maximum power – regardless of the mains performance. In one test, the same amplifier without DSP power supply control delivered just 30% of it’s maximum output.

Everybody left much wiser on a series of topics most had not even considered an issue prior to Reiner’s fascinating explanation and practical demonstrations.