Dan Tapchang’s expressway

Testing the announcing system on Dan Tapchang’s expressway

The system used here was Plena VAS of Bosch, Barix and Australian Monitor.

We used Barix to connect with the network that was available at the express way to disperse signal to every Barix installed on each corner. We also used DROPME of Australian Monitor as a signal output, LINE, to every loudspeaker installed.

This was just a trial system. If after installing and using it, and if the system is good, they will use it on all toll ways in every express way in the country.

To use this system all over as they already have a network system installed in place that’s connected via Fiber optic. This is why Barix is used to convert sound signals through the network.

We used DROPME of Australian Monitor here because Plena Vas of Bosch does not have an output line signal.

To use the entire system by having the system pass through Cat5 and using Barix as a signal converter as well as using Australian Monitor to increase channels in this system.

Products used in this system are:

DROPME of Australian Monitor

Instreamer of Barix

Exstreamer 100 of Barix