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Easy on the eye.
Easy on the environment.

Genelec Raw Speaker
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Introducing RAW, an eco-friendly reimagining of Genelec’s most iconic studio, AV and home audio models. Featuring a distinctive, recycled-aluminium MDE enclosure design, RAW loudspeakers require no painting and less intensive finishing than standard models.

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20th May - 20th June 2020

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Introducing Genelec RAW. Exceptional sounding, aesthetically beautiful loudspeakers that are kinder to the planet.

Genelec RAW Speaker in Action

Studio, AV or Home. RAW is for everyone.

The natural finish of RAW models requires no painting and less finishing material. This creates an even more environmentally friendly loudspeaker that allows the pure beauty of the enclosure’s recycled aluminium to shine through – and makes every speaker unique. The RAW range features some of our best loved two-way designs for studio, AV and home applications.

Flawless sound, stunning looks.

All RAW models feature our timeless Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design, developed in close collaboration with leading industrial designer Harri Koskinen. The curved form of its slimline enclosure delivers incredibly flat frequency response, precise imaging and unparalled acoustical performance. With flawless sound and stunning looks, RAW has it all.

Genelec RAW Speaker in Action
Audio Engineering Studio

Choose RAW. Support the AES.

To support the Audio Engineering Society throughout the current COVID-19 crisis, we’ll be donating a percentage of every RAW speaker sold to the Society’s fundraising initiative – helping this much-loved organisation continue its valuable work. Click here for more information.

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RAW Pro Models

001 8020d studio monitor Fuzion Far East

8020D Studio Monitor

When it comes to performance versus size, the 8020 has set the benchmark in nearfield monitoring for over 15 years.

002 8030c studio monitor Fuzion Far East

8030C Studio Monitor

If you love the compact format of the 8010 and 8020 models but demand higher SPL and more bass extension, meet the 8030C.

003 8040b studio monito Fuzion Far East

8040B Studio Monitor

Experience the true sound of your mix with the astonishing performance and versatility of the 8040B.

RAW Home Models

004 g two active speaker Fuzion Far East

G Two Active Speaker

Compact and stylish, the G Two offers the perfect blend of size and performance. All the detail and precision you’d expect, but in a form factor that’ll fit into the smallest of spaces.

005 g three active speaker Fuzion Far East

G Three Active Speaker

The G Three delivers the kind of detail and precision that has made Genelec the number one choice of music and film professionals the world over. Why not bring that same quality to your home?

006 g four active speaker Fuzion Far East

G Four Active Speaker

If you’re looking for higher playback levels and more low frequency extension, the G Four offers an exquisite balance of sonic purity and energy - making it perfect for larger spaces.

RAW AV Models

007 4020c installation speaker Fuzion Far East

4020C Installation Speaker

When space is at a premium, the 4020C is your compact, faithful friend. Designed for challenging commercial installations, the 4020C squeezes huge performance into a small package.

008 4030c installation speaker Fuzion Far East

4030C Installation Speaker

The compact 4030C offers crystal clear sound and round-the-clock reliability, making it the natural choice for small to medium-sized commercial installations.

009 4040a installation speaker Fuzion Far East

4040A Installation Speaker

The largest of the 4000 series models, the flagship 4040A is designed for larger fixed installations that demand higher playback levels and greater low frequency extension.

010 4420a smart ip installation speaker Fuzion Far East

4420A Smart IP Installation Speaker

The new 4420A packs the power and flexibility of Smart IP technology into an ultra-compact enclosure, bringing clarity, intelligibility and uniform room coverage to the tightest of spaces.

011 4430a spmart ip installation speaker Fuzion Far East

4430A Smart IP Installation Speaker

Looking for exceptional sound over IP? The 4430A offers power, audio and loudspeaker management via a single standard CAT cable, delivering unrivalled flexibility, cost-effectiveness and simplicity of installation.