How To Spot The Differences Between Fake & Real RØDE Videomics.

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There is no denying that studio operators, youtubers, vloggers, live streamers, and podcasters all need professional grade microphone products. First choice for many, of available, proven microphone brands would be RØDE.

However, as the popularity of RØDE Microphones has increased, so has the availability of counterfeit goods – apparently offering the same thing at a lower price, Some of these ‘knock offs’ are very difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Here are some tips to help RØDE customers distinguish between original and counterfeit products.

Rycote Trademark

Rycote Trademark

The Rycote Trademark is clearly distinctive, In the Rycote logo they use a watermark, which is difficult to copy. Consequently, the fake Rycote logo is just a simple black colour. However, not all RØDE product comes with a Rycote windshield so there maybe no Rycote logo to compare.

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A Blurry Picture

One thing that may help you to identify fake product is the quality of the photograph, which appears the product box. If you see a low quality, blurry photo it is because they use a scan of the original to reproduce the image. However, if you are buying online it is not possible to check this – so be careful where you buy (see below).

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RØDE Barcode Is Replaced By A Chinese Sticker

If you are still not sure about the image print quality after examining it, you need to look at the bottom of the product box. The sticker in Chinese instead of the RØDE barcode is a big tell of counterfeit goods. However, some fakes have barcode stickers, which look identical to the original so this not guaranteed proof and as such caution should be deployed.

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Coating Finish

RØDE products are finished to a very high quality. The above picture is an example of a VideoMicro, which is finished with a ceramic coating, offering a smooth, matte and more durable surface. While the counterfeit goods use a basic paint, which is typically rougher and less regular. The RØDE logo should also be examined for quality.

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A Windshield

Now, let’s take a look at an example of a popular product – RØDE VideoMic Go. Fans of RØDE know this model well and you will note there is a RØDE logo screened onto the windshield. On the real product this logo is smooth, sharp and clear. The screen printing of this logo on fakes is typically very low quality.

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Only Buy RØDE Products From Authorised Dealers

Despite all the above ‘tells’ the safe way to ensure that you are buying a real RØDE product and not a fake is to only buy from authorised dealers. Our service department is besieged with people sending in fake product for repair – because they are cheaply made and fail. The owners are understandably very disappointed when they discover that a) they have paid good money for a second rate fake b) it is not covered by warranty at all and c) they are going to have spend more money to replace the unit. Due to the large number of counterfeit RØDE product out there (some of it from ‘apparently’ reputable outlets), it is really worth making sure you are buying from one of our authorised resellers. That way you get real Australian product with real warranty and performance. Go to for a list of authorised dealers.

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