InfoComm 2015 Wrap-up, July 2015

Thank you for all of your support at InfoComm 2015.

Last month’s conference and exhibition in Orlando was visited by 39,105 A/V professionals from 108 countries – a 5.6% increase in attendance over InfoComm 2014! The Symetrix booth had high traffic all three days and we’re pleased to announce that SymNet Radius 12×8 EX received two awards during the show:

Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 EX was awarded the S&VC Best of Show, InfoComm 2015.

The S&VC Best of Show awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts. Criteria include ease of installation and use/maintenance, performance, relevance, value/ROI, network friendliness, versatility, and reliability.

Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 EX was awarded Commercial Integrator Best of 2015.

The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards program recognizes the most noteworthy solutions for an integration business. The winners were chosen by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of Commercial Integrator. SymNet Radius 12×8 EX won the Audio Components and Processors category.

SymNet Radius 12x8 EX

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to working with you between now and InfoComm 2016.

In addition to the awards, Symetrix made multiple product announcements including the Symetrix ARC-3 wall panel remote and Composer 4.0 with support for AtteroTech’s new unDUSB 2×2 channel USB audio-to-Dante interface, and improvements to ARC-WEB.

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the show this year, or couldn’t make it to the booth, below is a show recap.

Featured Products and Software 

SymNet Composer 4.0

SymNet Composer 4.0-ORIGINALAward winning Symetrix design software for Edge and Radius Dante™ network audio DSP’s. Composer 4.0 natively integrates select Dante™ third-party hardware supporting the discovery, signal routing, and other aspects of AtteroTech, Audio-Technica, Shure, and Stewart Audio devices – and now includes the AtteroTech unDUSB. The SymNet Radius AEC with an AtteroTech unDUSB is a perfect solution for bridging audio and video soft codecs via host devices like computers directly to the Dante™ network. See here for details.




ARC-3Soon to be released, the ARC-3 is a menu-driven remote control with thirty-two menus, each menu with up to thirty-two items used to control basic audio functions or complex logic-based events including volume, preset selection, source selection, room combining, and more. The white on black OLED display is graphics and multi-lingual capable with 256×64 pixel resolution to enhance readability and usability. A comprehensive capacitive touch interface with LED highlighting provides users with instant operational feedback.


ARC-WEB Improvements and Additions

ARC-WEB Improvements and AdditionsAlongside the launch of SymNet Composer 4.0, we showcased the ARC-WEB browser-based dialer, which allows owners of iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and network-enabled computers to control audio via embedded web servers running on SymNet Edge and Radius DSPs using a telco card. With this option, end-users can control volume, mute, source selection and other critical parameters of their sound systems from the smartphones and tablets they already own. There is also the option to recall various presets from the ARC-WEB dialer, giving you all the functionality you require to, for example, run a full conference session from your smart-device or desktop browser. To demo ARC-WEB dialer controlling a live Radius at Symetrix HQ, click here: (Note: ARC-WEB is security enabled: User Name = user, Password = pass.) We also demonstrated a future version of ARC-WEB Mix.


SymNet xIn 4, xOut 4, xIO 4×4

ARC-WEB Improvements and AdditionsSymetrix announced at the show a new series of audio IO expansion units will be supported in the next version of Composer software. The cost effective SymNet xIn 4, xOut 4, and xIO 4×4 increase a system’s analog input and output channel capacity resulting in a reduction in overall price per channel. Designed exclusively for use with SymNet Edge and Radius DSP units, each of the 4 mic/line inputs and/or line outputs feature the industry leading performance specifications of Edge and Radius. Set-up is logical and fast with no requirement to use third-party software; there are no mechanical switches or circuit board jumpers to set. Systems are simpler, cost less, and have fewer potential points of failure. The half-rack form factors conserve rack space, or, if preferred, these expansion devices may be surface mounted.

CLOCKAUDIO Integration in Composer 4.1

CLOCKAUDIO Integration in Composer 4.1An upcoming release of SymNet Composer will support the network discovery, Dante™ signal routing, and control aspects of the CLOCKAUDIO CDT100 4 channel Dante™ transporter.