Mulligan’s Irish Bar – Khaosan Road

Mulligan’s Irish bar is a combination of good food, great drinks and amazing music. The venue is located in Khaosan road, known for its famous night life, shopping and budget hotels in Thailand.

Mulligans-Irish-Bar---Khaosan-RoadMulligan has chosen to go with a premium sound system. A pair of NEXO PS15R2 and LS18 is powered by two of CAMCO iD7s.

Music Space, one of Fuzion’s dealers, believed that NEXO was the best choice for a sound system in Mulligan’s Irish Bar. Ultimately, Music Space made the deal, sold the sound system and installed it at the venue.

List of systems installed:

  • NEXO PS15R2 x 2 units
  • NEXO LS18E x 2 units
  • CAMCO iD7 x 2 units