Nexo’s ETC Seminar

On the 17th & 18th of June, Val Gilbert, one of Nexo’s premier technicians and product trainers is in Bangkok for the first ETC session. This is 2 day training course for sound designers, engineers and technicians working with Nexo equipment. It progresses from general acoustic theories, line array theory and the case for point source solutions to practical, hands on training with product. In this case it is the Nexo Geo S12 system, an extremely successful piece of audio kit in markets around the world.

Networking and control software is dealt with in depth as this is an increasingly important aspect of sound system operation. Advanced system design and hands on with Nexo’s predictive NS-1 software is one of the modules. Remote control is also dealt with.

It is a packed 2 day’s of interesting topics and solutions. Those who complete the full course receive a certificate identifying them as a Nexo Systems Accredited User. Unfortunately, the course is fully subscribed for the places available so we are unable to accommodate any more applications to join us this time round. However, don’t panic if you have missed out. This is just the first of many ETC training events planned. There will be another opportunity in the not too distant future.

Nexo are committed to training and support actions to improve the application of this top, professional product in a huge variety of situations & venues.