2 Line Analog Telephone Interface Card

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Integrates analog telephone lines into SymNet conferencing systems

Product Highlights
• Adds 2-line PSTN (POTS) functionality to Radius NX, Radius and
Edge DSPs.
• Multiple applications – teleconferencing, paging, remote monitoring,
and broadcast.
• Functionality includes auto-answer, dial, redial, speed-dial, do not
disburb, DTMF decode, caller ID, progress monitoring, line status
and faults monitoring and more.
• A variety of control options including PSTN telephones, SymVue and
third-party control devices support intuitive end-user operation.
• Standard RJ11 ports with parallel connections per line for a physical
handset, dialer, or ADA compliant visual or audible device.
• Qualified for use in North America only.
• Field swappable by qualified technicians.