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500 Series Mic-Pre/DI

Used as a single channel device for instruments, the 517 can be used to phase align, combine and compress direct and amplified signals. To achieve this, use the DI for the instrument’s direct signal and the mic preamp for the speaker cabinet signal. The blend control is used for mixing direct and amplified signals to achieve the desired tonal blend between the two sources, and the variphase is used to minimize or extenuate phase cancellations between the two signals. To compress the blended signal, the internal compressor jumper must be set to the blend path (this is the default setting). This technique could also be used to create a single, mixed output of a guitar and vocals.

Gain Range:
Continuously variable from 6 dB to +20 dB.
Threshold Range:
Continuously variable from 36 dB to +22 dB.
Ratio Range:
Continuously variable from 1.1:1 to Limit (40:1).
Attack Range:
Continuously variable from 20mS to 75mS
Release Range:
Continuously variable from 100mS to 2.5 Seconds.
Feed-Forward or Feed-Back VCA control.
Maximum Output Level:
Balanced and Floating Transformer Output
Maximum output from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is +23 dBu.
Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise:
@ 1kHz, +20 dBu output level, no load.
Main Output, compressor bypassed
Better than 0.0006%.
Main Output, compressor engaged
Better than 0.02%
Measured at Main Output, un-weighted, 22Hz-22kHz, Terminated 40 Ohms.
With Gain at Unity, Compressor disengaged
Better than 103 dBu.
With Gain at Unity, Compressor engaged:
Better than 92 dBu
Frequency Response:
Main Output, Unity Gain
@ 18 Hz, +/- .1dB
@ 150 kHz -3 dB.
Measured Channel to Channel:
Better than 90 dB @ 15kHz.