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Expansion For ARC-K1e And ARC-SW4e (Up To 4 With K1e, 3 With SW4e)

Product Highlights
• Identical in function to ARC-SW4e, ARC-EX4e provides a low cost
means to expand the capabilities of either an ARC-SW4e or ARC-K1e.
• A maximum of 4 ARC-EX4e’s may be added to an ARC-K1e.
• A maximum of 3 ARC-EX4e’s may be added to an ARC-SW4e.
• Accommodates single gang Decora® faceplates (not included), mounts
in a North American electrical box, in-wall or surface mount.
• The ARC-EX4e cannot be used standalone nor can it be combined with
an ARC-2e or ARC-3.