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SymVue for Control Server
Award winning SymVue running on Control Server hardware makes possible robust deployment and maintenance of large scale systems by
supporting numerous and diverse browser-based endpoints under the control of multiple simultaneous users. Rapid ComposerTM-based GUI authoring. Created and tested offline – no scripting required. 3 Target Platforms: Control Server, T-5 Touchscreens, Windows. Total control of colors, fonts, symbols, custom graphics. Always in sync with ARC and 3rd party control systems. Control Server version
supports browser-enabled devices.

Mixer for Control Server
Mixer supports up to 32 virtual channel strips, each with an assignable fader and a mute button, and dynamic screen-sizing and orientation. Mixer can be used on virtually any mobile device. Users can group and hide channels, assign custom labels and colors, and adjust fader resolution and travel. Multi-touch functionality makes possible simultaneous adjustment of multiple faders, just like a physical mixer. A Mixer instance can be saved to a smart device’s home page for instant access, appearing as a native app. Multiple users can operate the same instance, and user access control can be provided via username and password security for each user.