HCS-8316HDMI HDMI Encoder

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System Features
-Automatically records speaking delegate(s) and the panorama of the venue – saves data as digital files
-Index and sort facility of video & audio recorded file (by conference name, speaker, begin time, end time, etc.)
-Recorded file playback, fast play, pause/stop, etc.
-Supports audio/video files editing on playback
-Audio/video files saved on hard disk for download to local PC. Recorded files do not get lost even if user powers off item.
-During AV recording, all channels can be monitored with earphones
-Network monitoring facility

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System Overview
TAIDEN Conference Synchronous Digital Video Recording System is a professional conference recording system for venue live recording, including Professional Audio & Video Recorders for Conference and Professional Digital Video & Audio Recorder Software Module. Using embedded processor and embedded operation system, integrating several techniques in IT domain, including video/audio compressing and decompressing, mass disk storage, TCP/IP control, etc. Cooperates with TAIDEN conference system for audio/video recording of the meeting.