HCS-9385 RSI Interpreter Console

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System Features
-Incorporating most recent requirements from conference interpreters and simultaneous interpreting delivery platform ( from EU Institutions, the United Nations, KUDO…) concerning remote simultaneous interpreting delivery service
-Easy USB connection to computer
-Supports remote interpreting delivery in multiple languages
-Audio quality: supports 48 kHz audio sampling rate, 80 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response on all channels
-3 pre-select buttons (1/2/3) for incoming languages
-With Handover facility
-Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones
-Ergonomic design with features to assist the visually impaired
-Hearing protection

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System Overview
HCS-9385 RSI Interpreter Console, a personal working console specially designed for interpreters working remotely, provides best in-booth ambience and familiar, agile hands-on operation experience. It can connect to PC through USB, and easily access hybrid conferences and realize high-quality remote interpretation. Humanized features including easy handover and relay functions, volume control with bass and treble, hearing protection and tactile feedback are also added. Interpreters can interpret anytime, anywhere.