Jupiter 4

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4 In / 4 Out Audio Processor

Product Highlights
• 4×4 analog input/output DSP with turn-key programming minimizes the
learning curve and slashes installation costs.
• An abundance of DSP resources – powerful apps covering dynamics,
EQ, FIR filters, feedback fighters, loudspeaker management, automixing,
and matrixing.
• App categories include Mixing and Routing, Public Address and
Distribution, Sound Reinforcement, and Special Purpose DSP.
• More than 70 Jupiter series apps do specific audio jobs.
• Once an app is selected it’s simple to download it to Jupiter hardware.
• Signal routings, whether simple or complex, are fully tested and ready to
go right out of the box.
• Help is built in with connection and remote control wizards.
• Multiple user control options include the ARC-WEB browser, low cost
ARC Wall Panels, third-party touch panels, and SymVue.