TMX-1616MX 16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher

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System Overview
TAIDEN TMX series professional matrix switchers include Ultra Wideband RGBHV Matrix Switchers, Ultra Wideband VGA Matrix Switchers, Composite Video & Audio Matrix Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, S-video and Component Video Matrix Switchers Converters, DVI and HDMI series products. Seamless integration of TAIDEN Central Control System and Conference System to provide professional solutions for modern meeting rooms.

System Features
-High-performance AV professional switcher
-Compatible with manifold signal formats of input/output signal cards for cross switching
-Offers separate audio and video input/output ports
-Combined with different signal cards to resolve integrative audiovisual resolution
-Seamless switching
-Supports manifold signal input/output cards, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, etc.
-Widely used in the place of radio & television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, TV teaching and leadership office
-With RS-232 interface which can be expediently connected to PC, remote control system and other remote control devices
-RS-422 control ports with built-in professional camera control protocols, a variety of professional cameras like TAIDEN HCS-3316HDB, SONY, PELCO and Panasonic can be controlled
-Ethernet interface for communicating with PC under TCP/IP protocol to realize remote controlling; furthermore, it enables remote controlling by wireless touch panel through central control system