USB Audio Card

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Product Highlights
• Adds up to 16 channels of USB audio I/O to Radius NX, Radius DSPs, and up to 64 channels to an Edge DSP.
• Distinct modes of operation including two speakerphone modes for conferencing, along with a 2×2 and 8×8 line I/O mode for multitrack
recording and playback.
• Speakerphone and 2×2 line modes are class 1 USB (driverless) for quick and problem free plug-and-play connectivity and provide the
ability to utilize a soft codec’s AEC or disable it in favor of Symetrix’ award-winning AEC.
• 8×8 line I/O mode utilizes Class 2 USB. Windows drivers are included.
• A high-retention Type B USB connection provides a standard direct connection between DSP and computer.
• Field swappable by qualified technicians.