Rib’s Mann

Rib-Mann-02Mr. PatirupPanpiem is the founder of The Smoke house located in Khaoyai, one of Thailand’s top travel destinations. The Smoke House came to life when Patirup after accepting an investment of 150 million Thai baht from a customer-turned-investor. After a dispute between the partners, Patirup started from scratch again and opened his very own small restaurant called Ribs Mann, in KhaoYai. With all his experience, knowledge and money he decided to go all out and invest in top notch kitchen equipment’s that totaled to 20 million Thai baht and on top quality sound/audio equipments. RibsMann is a fine establishment consisting of top quality interior furnishing, food and service, kitchen equipment and utensils and sound/audio equipment. The restaurant has 30 staffers and although it may be a small restaurant, the reception it had was great.

The Venue has three stories and multiple zones. The Ripsmann offers live music and background music which is distributed to 14 zones. Each of the areas are controlled via Symetrix processor.  Client can adjust level of music and select between band sound or background music from CD player. Symetrix provides solution to customer’s need as well as delivers top sound quality to high end speakers such as NEXO and Genelec.

Equipment List

  • NEXO – PS10R2 x 2 units
  • NEXO – LS600 x 1 unit
  • NEXO – PS10TD-V3 x 1 unit
  • NEXO – PS8R2 x 8 units
  • NEXO – LS400 x 4 units
  • NEXO – PS8TD-V3 x 4 units
  • CAMCO – Q POWER 4 x 4 units
  • CAMCO – Q POWER 10 x 1 units
  • GENELEC – 8020CPM x 26 units
  • GENELEC – 8010APM x 12 units
  • GENELEC – 7050BPM x 4 units
  • SYMETRIX – RADIUS 12×8 x 1 unit
  • SYMETRIX – xOut 12 x 2 unit
  • SYMETRIX – ARC PSe x 1 unit
  • SYMETRIX – ARC 2e x 8 units