Silver Linning Wongamat Beach (North Pattaya)

silver lining Fuzion Far EastSilver Linning has to be seen to be believed.. Khun Art spared no effort or expense in the creation this fabulous dinning experience.. located on Wongamat beach in Naklua, PaBaya. a golf cart collects you from your parked car and drives you down the driveway to the epic entrance of Silver Linning. an Italian – Japanese fusion restaurant decorated with authentic period samurai suits amongst other exotic antiquities.. and the most impressive feature (other than the sound) is the retractable roof and walls that span across the whole out door terrace and retract right back over the fixed building.

Art came to us through one of our partners.. he was very “hands on” with the sound installation from beginning to end.. he visited our facility in Bangkok numerous times to audition various solutions that we put forward. In the end we went with a Quest Symetrix solution.. khan Art had his heart set on a low visible footprint with a warm sound.. Art kept referencing to “HI-FI” sound rather than a full on FOH system.. the first set up was Quest HPI-8 as FOH with 2xHPI12s subs and 2 HPI25 for delays/fills…for the indoor. outdoor on the three level terrace down to the beach we used 2 MS601’s on each level with a channel of of the Symetrix Jupiter for each pair.. and 1 QM600s sub.. We spent days fine tuning the system to Khun Art’s very specific needs and ended up actually swapping the 2 HPI12’s with the 1 QM600s.. we could spread the HPI12s to givev a more distributed low end in the outdoor and the QM600s worked beBer with the live band..  Watch video




Symetrix Jupiter 8

2 x ARC2e

FOH System

2 x Quest HPI8 powered by a Quest QA3004

1 x Quest QM600s powered by a Quest 3004

2 x Quest Hpi25 (delay fill) Zone 2 (Terrace)

6x Quest MS601 powered by Work Zenth 1800 (2 amps 3 channels)

2 x Quest HPI12s powered by one channel of a Work Zenith 1800 at 4ohms