Superflow – Khaosan Rd

Superflow is the latest edition  to the Buddy  Groups’ empire on  Khaosan  rd. The concept is the brain child of  Ceto Mind. Khao San being known a the “backpacker” area within Bangkok, Ceto wanted to create a place that reminded them of being down on th Island’s so within Superflow you have a beach zone, a terrace, a swing seating area and of course the main dance floor which of course is outdoor. Partially covered by the overlapping straw roofs from the dj booth and bar.

rsz_superflow_- khaosan rd01
Our phone rang after Ceto hearing all the hype surrounding the Quest Hpi System that we designed for the  upcoming  Chi Ultra Lounge. Ceto  accompanied  Chi’s  owner  (Daryl Scott)  to a demo of the Hpi system at our facility in  Bangkok…after hearing the mighty roar from these dwarf like speakers Ceto was sold. He even had to question where the sound was coming from as in our showroom we have variouse ” large models” set up. Ceto had to walk around each one to confrim the sound wasn’t coming from any of larger boxes.

So after we sat down and listen to he needs we acully decided to go with the larger QM700 for the main area as it’s our door and the speakers where going to be hung quite far away from the audience’s ear.

Equipment List..


Symetrix  Radius  EX  (Superflow has some expansion planned so we need the option to add more in’s and out’s)

Main Dj System

  • 2 x Quest QM700 powered by a Quest QA4004
  • 2 x Quest HPI18LP powered by a Quest QA4004
  • 2 x Quest QM450A for dj monitors

Zone  2  (Terrace)

  • 2 x  Quest QM700 (mono)
  • 1 x Quest HPI18LP
  • Quest QA4004 (Ch 1-sub, Ch- Mid/high)

Beach Area

  • 2 x Quest HPI 5
  • 1 x Quest HPI 12s
  • 1 x Quest QM1000p

Swings & Toliets

  • 8 x Quest MS801
  • 1 x Quest QTA2240D