Symetrix xIO Bluetooth

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xIO Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth Dante device in a single gang format
  • PIN code security
  • Selectable single or multiple memorized pairings
  • Selectable modes: Media only, Phone only, Both
  • LED blackout mode
  • Perfect for Hospitality, Education, House of Worship, Conferencing, or Residential use
  • Available in US or EU form factors and black or white finishes

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xIO Bluetooth – Bluetooth Dante

Yes, there are other Bluetooth audio interfaces but none of them offer the range, audio quality, functions, ease of setup and Dante in a single gang format. In addition, all of this is offered at a very competitive price.

Fuzion Far East

Bluetooth 5.0 offers the advantages of greater bandwidth and four times the range giving a more stable connection.

  • extended range
  • stable connection
  • world-class audio quality

Fuzion Far East

Setup of the xIO Bluetooth audio interface is simple and quick to do in Symetrix’s award winning Composer software. Adding xIO to Symetrix audio systems is a drag and drop process.

  • Bluetooth friendly device names
  • Dante channel names
  • Connect/reconnect functionality
  • Security

Fuzion Far East

The advanced controls available on the xIO Bluetooth are also simple to make available for a user via the many control interfaces available from Symetrix.

  • All aspects of xIO Bluetooth control can be managed using Symetrix remotes, SymVue panels, or third-party control systems

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The xIO is easily installed on standard network infrastructure, using standard PoE (15W). Phone.  A large number of xIO Bluetooth units can be utilized in a single system. Configure it for media-only connectivity, phone bridge connectivity, or both.

  • Single cable connection from the xIO Bluetooth to a PoE enabled network switch
  • Configure to allow media-only connectivity, phone bridge connectivity, or both

Fuzion Far East

Available in US and EU form factors with the classic color White or Black.

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