Our Systems Engineering team creates synergy between sales and technical support to deliver the highest levels of service for Fuzion’s clients. As an audio specialist team, we have direct business experience as consultants, contractors and live audio engineers for both touring and fixed installations, so understands at first-hand the needs of professionals at every stage of the supply chain.

Systems engineering combines a rare mix of technical and creative skills:

*  An inventive approach to solutions development
*  A talent for problem solving
*  An eye for design detail
*  An ear for great sound

It is a creative and technical balance that ensures innovative application of technologies and achieves absolute clarity of results. This broad perspective combined with an approachable manner, commercial focus and excellent communication skills means we can provide intelligent solutions at the highest level.


*  Loudspeaker array modelling in complex venue simulations using Ease Focus, Nexo Geosoft and NS1
*  System integration using Vity touchscreen controllers and interfaces
*  Specifications and drawings in AutoCAD etc
*  Design of unique rigging solutions
*  Rigging, optimising and demonstrating line array systems in venues and stadia
*  Time domain analysis and fixing/alignment
*  Trouble-shooting and fixing DSP based systems

For a demo or a chat about your design needs contact us on +66 (0) 2641 4545
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