Believe me, tech support and service is no vacation. Everything is usually urgent and every customer thinks that they are the most important.

However, we do endeavour to meet most requirements as long as it’s humanly possible! Sometimes things can go wrong. Not often, but when they do it causes a load of grief you could no doubt do without.

For this reason we have an excellent technical department geared up to fully support the brands we represent. We’re always on hand to help and we can also call on backup when things get crazy here.
There are many useful things in our support section from “How to..” articles to easy access to datasheets and user manuals – even for items we no longer sell.
If you wish to return an item for service or repair make sure you visit our “Returning an Item” section first to get full details (you WILL need a returns number).
We hope your experience with Fuzion Far East is a pleasant one.

If it’s not, tell us!

Varuit Rattapong – Technical Director