Martin Audio

Martin Audio


Dave Martin founded the eponymous Martin Audio in 1971 and was one of the leading pioneers of the professional and touring sound industry that we know today.

Two decades before meeting his untimely death in 1992, the Australian had defined the folded horn-loaded bass cabinet principle. And it was for this, and for the later MH212 ‘Philishave’, which started the midrange revolution, that he will ultimately be best remembered.

Two decades further on and the legacy of horn loaded design combined with a passion for innovationculminated in the award winning MLA that transformed the industry with the introduction of optimised line array technology. A further decade on from this and Martin Audio is now a proud part of the Focusrite Group with a portfolio of over 100 products catering for every application, bringing innovation and value to the industry, worldwide.

The driving force from Dave’s time to now has always been about the audience experience. What started as a desire to enable bands to play to larger audiences and be properly heard now firmly stands with the mission to deliver signature sound to ignite the soul in eery corner of the venue, from front to back, be it an arena, theatre, place of worship, bar or club. The audience becomes one. A shared experience they will never forget.

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