Painting with Sound by Genelec

Painting with Sound

If the “art” is to express joy, sorrow, and loneliness. It generates an emotional state from the five senses of the body: the ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and body. The use of sound in the art can be sensed by listening. But exhibit certain emotional patterns inside. Of all the senses, the feeling from sound is the most powerful.

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LEA Professional for PTT Public Company Limited

Now with AES67

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited, commonly known as PTT, operates in a variety of industries, divided into affiliates comprising several divisions. They wanted to improve communication systems within the organization under the management of PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd, the operation responsible for all IT, communications and AV in the group. This network

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Fuzion Helpful Tips:
Soft Limit User’s Guide

Apogee Soft Limit User Guide

Soft Limit User’s Guide 14 July 2022 / Fuzion Team Table Of Contents Overview What is Soft Limit Plugin Tour Using Soft Limit Troubleshooting Additional Information Overview Present at the Beginning Soft Limit has been an integral feature of Apogee convertors since the AD-500, our first standalone A-D converter released in 1991. And now, for

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DiGiCo Announces New Software Update for S-Series Consoles

New Software Update for S-Series Consoles

DiGiCo is delighted to announce the release of its latest Version 3.0 software update, dramatically increasing the processing power of its small footprint, cost-effective S-Series consoles. Version 3.0 offers an optional software expansion that significantly increases the channel count from 48 to 60 flexi channels and 24 flexi busses, turning S-Series consoles into an S21+

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Professional Audio Set Special Deal

Hill Audio Professional Audio Set Special Deal

Buy Now Buy Now Scan the QR code to add as a friend on LINE Open your LINE app and use the in-app QR code reader. Click button to add as a friend on LINE Add Friend Reserve a product Demonstration Trial our Products for your experience! Book Now Stay Connected Sign up below to

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