Bangkok Glass Hall

Requirements from Bangkok Glass

1. To divide the audio sets and waves length into six zones of the hall for various events.
2. To be able to receive microphone signals from the control room.
3. To be able to receive wireless microphone signals from the control room.
4. The equipment’s should be easily removable for repairs.
5. To control all the equipment’s from the control room.
6. To control all zone from the control room.

Problems faced
1. The venue is in the midst of a construction zone
2. The entire system must be installed during the construction period.
3. The design building is not equipped in the acoustic manner.
4. The building echoes and is waiting to be cellulose sprayed.

Why we chose the following products:
1.It is what the customer wants.
2.Fits the budget.
3.It’s functions are compatible.

Equipments used: