Enjoy unparalleled meeting flexibility with a touch screen conference device that is easily configured through licenses. Activate or deactivate voting, authentication, language channels and more through a simple tap. And switch between chairperson or delegate, on a single device. With Confidea FLEX.

Televic Confidea Flex

In a nutshell

Confidea FLEX features a single device that adapts to your meeting through flexible software licenses. From simple discussion to complex multilingual meetings, activating or deactivating functions is as simple as tapping a button. Confidea FLEX can even switch between chairperson and delegate through easy configuration, featuring hidden LEDs. The device comes with a full-color 5.2″ touch screen that provides dynamic information depending on the context. Its slim and modern design make it feel at home anywhere. Guiding dots also make it accessible for visually impaired users. Finally, the unit has been carefully balanced to ensure superior stability.


  • Built-in high-quality loudspeaker which is automatically muted when the microphone is active, to prevent acoustic feedback
  • Button which contains request-to-speak and priority functionality when unit is configured as chairperson or two request-to-speak functions in dual use
  • Two headphone outputs with single volume control
  • Interactive display showing meeting information such as agenda topic, who is speaking, position in request list, speech timers, voting and language selection depending on activated licenses.
  • Basic meeting control for chairperson
    › Start / stop recording
    › Meeting state control
    › Voting session control
    › Agenda control
  • NFC reader
  • Card reader slot
  • Tap to log-in functionality*
  • Haptic feedback on touch screen
  • Light sensor for automatic luminance adjustment*

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