Maggie Choos

Basement Holiday Inn Silom, Bangkok

Maggie Choos is the brain of Ashley Sutton and Sanya and they’re first of many collaborations together.

Maggie saw a good few years of success before changing management, concept and of course sound system… Ceto Geray was the man in the driving seat when we got the call… Ben our Foreign Entertainment man is always Ceto’s first call when it comes to sound having worked on a number of projects together in the past and present.

The Brief (version 1)

Jazz Club with distributed high quality audio both live band and DJ…


Maggie having very low ceilings, being a very “dead” space and the customers all over the place not just in front of the stage proved quite tricky to get the sound right.. We ended up going with the Quest HPI series for its small foot print good value and great sound..


  • FOH – 2 x HPI25 L & R, QM600 x2
  • Rear fills – HPi5 x 2
  • Delays HPI 5 x 2 Hpi12s x 2

The Rack

  • Symetrix Jupiter 8
  • 1 x ARC2e
  • Re-used exsisting QSC amps

….. 6 months down the line this concept wasn’t working and with a new driver in the seat Johan (Also a long time friend and collaborator with our Ben) we got the call once again “Ben can you beef up this sound system we are going for big room Djs and Live”.

Maggie moved the band of center and built a new central dj booth… this was easy… we got rid of the HPI25s and replaced them with QM350s… bought all the subs to the dj booth and drove the FOH System with the awesome Work Zenith Amps… we moved the HPI25s for font fills around the off Center stage… just for vocals… although when the band play the sound comes from QM350s no one seems to care and both client and they’re customers are happy campers.