The point-source loudspeaker

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P12 / L15

Building on NEXO’s acclaimed expertise in compact, high-output, point-source loudspeakers, the P12 delivers pristine, full-range sound at even greater Sound Pressure Levels.

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P12 sets new performance standards for compact, point-source loudspeakers, along with new levels of versatility – thanks to an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns.

An exciting synergy of sleek good looks and stunning performance, the P12 employs a custom 12-inch LF driver and 3-inch diaphragm HF driver in a coaxial configuration to deliver perfect phase alignment, exceptional clarity and a smooth response across the full frequency range.


Designing and configuring the perfect P12/L15 system is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue

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The P12 is an ultra-versatile multi-purpose loudspeaker, bringing ingenious technical innovation to a wide range of short-throw sound reinforcement applications. Dispersion characteristics can be changed in seconds through the addition of optional magnetic horn flanges, optimising the P12 for a wide range of applications.


Sleek, compact and available in touring and install versions, the P12 employs a purpose-designed 12-inch LF Neodymium driver and 3-inch diaphragm HF driver in a coaxial configuration. Specially designed in a footprint to match the P12, The L15 is the perfect partner sub in flown and pole-mount applications, and for use as a drum fill.

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Rated at 4 X 2500 Watts, the NXAMP4X2MK2 combines advanced signal processing with four state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers to create a flexible, light-weight powering and control solution that’s perfect for use with P12/L15 systems.


A full range of accessories is available for varying P12 HF directivity and for deploying P12/L15 systems in mobile and fixed applications.

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The place to get P12/L15 brochures, data sheets, manuals, drawings, exploded views and hi-resolution system images.