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The Wireless GO system is the epitome of a ‘small wireless microphone’. Both the microphone/transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) weight only 31g each.

The TX works as a stylish clip-on microphone or as the world’s smalles beltpack for a RODE lavalier microphone perfect for content creation, filmmaking. to-camera or onstage presentation, vlogging, YouTubing, streaming and more.

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Professional and easy

The Wireless GO system auto-pairs in 3 seconds and transmits via RODE's all-new Series III digital 2.4GHz transmission that is optimised for shorter range operations, but also offers a line-of-sight range of up to 70m. The TX transmits broadcast-grade audio either on its own, thanks to the built-in condenser microphone's excellent isolation and transparency, or with a lavalier mic via the 3.5mm TRS input.
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Serious Wireless

The Wireless GO RX features a dual purpose-clip-mount so you can either clip it onto an item of clothing or camera strap, or slide the RX securely into the camera's cold shoe. Plug the RX into your camera or recorder via the 3.5mm TRS output cable and tailor the output to your camera or recorder with the 3-stage gain control. The Wireless GO RX is ultra-compact and super-lightweight making your rig that much easier to carry.
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All-in-one for run & gun

With the Wireless GO, content creators can worry less about complicated technical set-up and concentrate on what they care about - filming great content. Whether reporting in the field, presenting at conferences or to-camera, or creating conent for your business, the Wireless GO TX is the simplest wireless microphone in the world. Power it up, pair it, clip it onto your shirt, blouse, tie or jacket and GO. It works tucked discretely under the fabric or as a cool "tech-cessory" on display.
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Versatile Precision

Designed and manufactured at the RODe facility in Australia, the Wireless GO delivers serious audio in an ultra-compact form factor - the perfect microphone for creators of any level of experience. Filmmakers, educators, business people - the Wireless GO Digital Wireless Microphone System is the first choice for anyone creating great sounding content.