Route 66 Bangkok

The ROUTE 66 Era began in 1996 and has become a clubbing institution, attracting a mixed crowd of locals and foreigners. The club features 4 distinctive zones: There is a live band area called “The Novel” with daily 3-4 bands playing popular Thai Pop and Rock, there is a Hip Hop Zone called “The Level” where the DJs of the Bangkok Invaders crew spin Top 40 Hip Hop and commercial dance hits and there is a dedicated EDM room, “The Classic” with an illuminated LED dance floor. Also there is an open-air outside area along the building – equivalent in size to the inside area. All zones are equipped with most advanced sound and lighting equipments.

Fuzion has provided NEXO solute ones for all the zones. Main system for The Level has eight boxes of Nexo Geos12, six boxes of RS15, four units of Camco Q10. There are also 7 boxes of Nexo PS10R2 and 4 units of Camco D power the delay. All DJ mixers are Rane DJ mixers which are Rane Sixty Two, Sixty Four. In front of The Novel has open air area, sound in this area uses 8 boxes of PS15R2 and NXAMP4X4. Next area is “The Classic” which has four boxes of Nexo PS15R2 and four boxes of LS18, powered by Nexo NXAMP4X4C. Last but not least, “The Novel” features live bands. Route decided to go with PS15R2 at the beginning then change to Geos12 later on with eight boxes of RS15. All speakers are powered by NXAMP4X4. Quest Monitor, QM700, was introduced and used for as a stage monitor.

Route 66 had embraced Nexo system first in 2008. The first system was installed for Hip Hop Zone “The Level”. Once Fuzion and the system proved that the products and services are second to nobody, route 66 has fully expanded with Fuzion’s sound system over the following years.