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Composer 8.0 Symetrix
Symetrix Composer 8.0

Unlimited Possibilities, Ultimate Control

Composer 8.0 for Windows expands the power of Symetrix ecosystem with multiple exciting new features including Lua Scripting, Radius NX AEC Enhancement, Audio Playback, and Media Manager.
New Features Include:

Lua Scripting

Lua Scripting
Composer 8.0 now includes Lua scripting which allows users to create custom intelligent Modules for Composer. These Intelligent Modules allow the software to control and monitor any device that can be controlled by a third party control system, or provide system logic functionality which previously required large and complex logic programming.

Radius NX AEC Enhancements

Radius NX AEC Enhancement
With Composer 8.0 the Radius NX with AEC-2 card is now capable of up to 12 channels of simultaneous Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). This enables a single Radius NX to powerfully manage as many as 12 different rooms. The increase in AEC capability may also be realized in existing installations where Radius NX with AEC cards have been installed, requiring only a firmware update. The Radius NX with AEC-1 card is now capable of processing 6 discreet AEC references.

Audio Playback

Audio Playback
Audio recording functionality in the Radius NX is now joined by audio playback. Each audio playback module in the Radius NX can include 1 to 8 channels of audio up to a combined total of 8 tracks per Radius NX. Playback modules are individually controlled for manual or automatic playback, track/playlist selection, loop, shuffle, repeat, and auto start. Support is provided for multi-channel audio files including LCR, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1 recordings.

Media Manager

Media Manager
The Radius NX Media Manager is a browser-based feature providing upload, download, and organization functions for recordings on the USB drive of the Radius NX and the ability to create playlists on Radius NX. Whether a Radius NX is playing background music, announcement messages, or timing chimes, audio files need to be uploaded to the Radius NX before they can be played and organized on the drive.

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Award-winning Composer for Windows® handles end-to-end configuration of Radius NX, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSPs…including creation of customized GUIs, scheduling, presets, logic, security, and integration of Symetrix and third-party control solutions.

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