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ceo Fuzion Far EastHaving started my career as a system integrator, then via a degree in electrical engineering moved to the brand-side of professional audio, I have always made it a priority to get out of the office and travel to visit integrators. Over the years and (seemingly) countless site visits, I have experienced first-hand the evolution of signal distribution from long analog cable home runs to digitizing the source nearly at its origin and transmitting it via data networks.

As the adoption of digital signal distribution has gained traction, many people have lowered their expectations for consistent signal integrity throughout the system. In fact, I often see a very high-performance and high-cost system deployed, only to find that a significant compromise was made on the quality of the digital on-ramps around the stage or conference room.

Why do we demand the highest performance from most components in the signal chain, but not all?

How would our customers react if they understood that what they thought was a high-performance system was actually compromised by a weak link?

The system is only as good as its weakest link

The Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 is the antidote to endpoint weak links that diminish the performance of your audio system designs. This highly engineered product of exception quality is one we at Symetrix are proud to put our name on.

— Mark Graham,
Owner and CEO


www.symetrix.co/products/ dante-enabled-expanders

xIO Stage 4x4

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