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Symetrix xIO XLR-Series

xIO XLR-Series

The xIO XLR-Series sets a new standard for performance IO with pristine audio, industrial-strength materials, exceptional design, AV control options, and a complete line of models that reliably deliver sophisticated results.

Series Features

  • Studio-grade AD/DA
  • Transparent mic preamps with up to 51 dB of gain adjustable in 3 dB increments
  • Dante-enabled with sampling rates up to 96K
  • PoE IEEE 802.3af; 15.4W Max
  • Drag-and-drop design in Composer®
  • Customizable front-panel RGB LEDs
  • Programmable control buttons
  • Premium light and dark finishes
  • Decora compatible
  • Die-cast zinc construction with exacting tolerances
  • Symetrix five-year warranty
Symetrix xIO XLR-Series Features


These wall-mounted, mic/line, Dante-enabled endpoints include an ultra-high performance audio signal path utilizing the same studio-grade mic preamps and AD/DA signal chain as our top-of-the-line DSP. The result is best-in-class clarity, intelligibility, and accuracy that maximizes performance of the entire system.

Customizable LED Indicators

A front-panel RGB LED for each connector can be programmed to reflect any system parameter such as signal presence, clip, mute, or preset. Or they can easily be blacked-out.

Sleek Control Buttons

Integrated buttons are flush with the faceplate and can control any function of the system.

In combination, the bright indicators and control buttons allow for rapid, on-site diagnostics and management of a system.

Flexible and Simple Deployment

The product is available in four models that can be matched to any need, simplify set-up, and deliver a sophisticated look and feel in premium light and dark finishes.

Unmatched Design and Construction

We agonized over every detail to create a truly professional solution for the most demanding projects. A raised bezel and proprietary thumb notch ease connector attachment and removal. The vertically oriented network port is accompanied by an integrated stress-release attachment point and the elegant Decora-compatible faceplate snaps into place without visible screws.

Each xIO XLR is rugged to the core, constructed of die-cast zinc. The design incorporates a unique XLR mounting method that protects internal components and electronics.


Frequently Asked Questions

xIO XLR-Series

We at Symetrix know customers will find this to be a craft product they will want to use in various installs, whether old or new. If those installs have Symetrix equipment then great, if it is a different system we still want to provide the highest quality option

The xIO XLR Series uses die cast zinc.

1 gang models will support EU form factors but not 2 gang models.  

Yes, the LED’s can reflect any system parameter such as signal presence, clip, mute, or preset. Or they can easily be blacked-out.     

The front button can be used to momentarlly show LED statuses and is assosiated with a logic output in the Intelligent Module for the xIO XLR. This logic output can be used for any control function in Composer.

Yes, it can. The xIO XLR is a standard Dante endpoint.  

The product is available in four models. Two single-gang configurations offer either one input and one output (1×1), or two inputs (2×0). Two double-gang configurations offer either two inputs and two outputs (2×2) or four inputs

Yes, the xIO XLR supports Dante and AES 67.

No, the xIO XLR has a single Dante/control network connection.

The xIO XLR-Series supports 48 and 96 kHz. 

The xIO XLR-Series uses POE.

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