Digico Training Session for May 2016

On the May 2016. Fuzion is hosting another “Free Event On DIGICO S21 Training” at Fuzion for all the users. Khun Pok (Mr. Sutat) will be the host for this training. He will be giving information of the training with an overview of the new S21 digital mixing console and gave the basic information and skills required to set up and operate the console of choice. The Training day had only one session, kick off from 13:00 – 17:00 – afternoon session.

All materials use/Itinerary on the day:

  • Digico Stealth digital processor Technology
  • Hands on session with the new DiGiCo S21
  • Digico S21 Console Overview
  • Customizing Layout
To find out more information about the training or to reserve a space please contact;
Fuzion Far East Ltd,
Tel: 02-641 4545-7
Email: [email protected](Hurry as we have limited space available.)