The SXP218 achieves the ultimate in subwoofer performance for the most demanding professional applications – delivering very high output levels and superb transient performance with minimal distortion. With an operating range of 35Hz-150Hz ± 3dB, it houses dual 18” long-excursion (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil drivers with water-resistant cones and triple roll surrounds. The design of the 18” drivers maximises output while minimising power compression and distortion, and the eight reflex ports have a large frontal area to reduce turbulent air noise at very high levels. With a prodigious maximum SPL capability of 143dB peak at 1 metre, the SXP218 is the ideal subwoofer for touring sound reinforcement, theatre and portable live sound applications — as well as premium installations — that require low frequency augmentation with low distortion at very high output levels.

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– Dual-driver, self-powered subwoofer
– 2 x 18” (460mm) drivers with 4” (100mm) voice coils
– Very high output capability
– Onboard Class D amplification and DSP
– Dante™ Digital Audio networking
– Global mains operation with Power Factor Correction
– Tour-grade plywood enclosure with flying inserts
– IP24 rating option with rain cowl