Product Of The Month: Quest 450A

QM-450AThe Quest 450A swoops in for the win with Fuzion’s first product of the month. This compact active speaker delivers a full 129.5dB. RMS output features a purpose-designed high frequency driver coupled to Quest’s custom-designed asymmetrical wave-guide. This waveguide can be rotated through four different dispersion plains maximising the QM-450A’s application potential. Simplified Controls on the rear of the QM-450A make operation easy, there is also an XLR input, XLR link output, Gain control, 100Hz High Pass switch and individually-coloured PeakClipSignal Power LED indicators. The QM-450A can either be mounted on a high-hat, floor wedged or flown.  For any event or installation don’t over look this solid, great value for money product. Click here to check it out.