AD-16x Audio Matrix Switch

Ideal for large, multi-zone audio installations, the AD-16x provides routing for 16 audio sources to 16 zones, while RTI’s Cool Power® amplifier CP-16i drives crystal clear audio to every speaker. For added convenience, the AD-16x also features eight remote source inputs, which allows devices located in other rooms to be used as a global source. If the system grows past 16 zones, up to four AD-16x units can be cascaded for up to 64 output zones. The switch also delivers complete audio management, including parametric equalizing, zone grouping, and balance control – all configurable via a convenient web interface.

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Key Features 

-Provides routing of 16 stereo audio sources to 16 zones.
-Eight remote source inputs allow devices located in other rooms to be used as a global source using the RSP-1 accessory.
-RSO-1 digital to analog converter (sold separately) provides audio input for digital audio sources.
-Up to four AD-16x units may be source-looped, for up to 64 output zones.*
-Custom project labeling allows integrators to name all of the zones and sources for more efficient programming (via AD64 driver).
-Dynamic audio source management tracks the sources that are active, allowing users to select a different one and avoid inadvertent music changes (via AD64 driver).
-Preamp outputs require external amplification via RTI or third-party audio amplifier.
-Eight bands of parametric audio equalizing in all zones.
-Built-in web interface allows zones to be configured and grouped, allowing multiple outputs to be controlled as a single zone.
-Audio input trim adjustment on each source.
-Controlled via IP, RS-232 or Infrared.
-Optional phone and doorbell mute accessory.
-Rack mountable (3U rack form factor) or free standing.