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Updated ARC Remote Control

Product Highlights
• Affordable management of basic audio functions or complex logicbased events.
• 24 menus each with up to 16 items.
• 3 navigation buttons, 8 character back-lit display, and 31 scrolling
• Programmable brightness.
• Mounts in a single gang North American electrical box, in-wall or
surface mount.
• ARCs are programmed from the same software applications used to
configure Symetrix DSP hardware.
• ARCs connect to DSPs via CAT5/6.
• Multiple ARCs are daisy-chained using the dual RJ45 connectors on
each ARC.
• ARC control parameters are stored in DSP hardware and can be easily
recalled and modified.
• Flexible and modular, ARCs can be mixed and matched to provide any
and every acoustic space with optimal multi-user, multi-location control.
• A lock feature provides security to protect from adjustments.