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Power Supply For ARC Remote

Product Highlights
• Distributes power and data over long distances to multiple ARC Wall
Panels via eight RJ-45 connectors.
• Versatile half-rack design for mounting in optional 1U rack tray or
surface mount with optional bracket.
• Compatibility with off-the-shelf CAT5/6 cable and RJ-45 connectors
reduces installation time and materials costs.
• ARC Power Calculator spreadsheet helps determine maximum ARC
quantities and RS-485 distances between wall panels.
• Intended for systems with more than 4 ARCs or for use in cases when
ARCs are located a long distance from DSP hardware.
• Connects directly to Symetrix DSPs using standard CAT5/6 cables.
• Intended for use in flexible ‘star’ configurations, ‘daisy-chains’, or a hybrid
of the two.