CM-232 Serial Communication Module

The CM-232 communication module provides an RS-232 interface to almost any RS-232 enabled device. It attaches to an RTI control system such as the XP-6s Control Processor on one end, and a device’s DB-9 serial port connector on the other end. The CM-232 is capable of one-way transmission (no receive function is supported) of user-defined character or binary strings. These character strings, as well as the baud rate, parity, and bit structure are programmed using RTI’s Integration Designer software package.

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Key Features 

-Connects to the output ports of the control processor or expansion module (such as XP3/XP6/XP8s/PCM-4)
-Allows the control processor to send commands to almost any RS-232 enabled device
-Software selectable baud rate up to 115.2K (depending on control processor)
-Industry standard DB-9 male connector
-No power supply required – Power is supplied by the output ports
-User-definable output strings using Integration Designer® software