CP-16i 16 Channel Cool Power® Amplifier

The CP-16i Audio Amplifier is ideal for discerning listeners who demand the highest quality audio in every room. Capable of delivering 100W of true audiophile-grade sound to 16 channels, the Cool Power amplifier easily expands the reach of any audio distribution system. Engineered to perform as well as it sounds, the CP-16i features highly efficient, Class-D amplification, overload detection and a compact chassis that fits nicely into one rack space.

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Key Features 

-Sixteen channel amplifier utilizes Cool Power audio technology.
-Power output is 100W per channel at 4 ohms.
-Bridgeable audio outputs for increasing power to 200W per channel.
-Easily expands the RTI AD-4x, AD-8x and AD-16x audio distribution systems.
-Compatible with virtually any audio distribution system.
-Power control via voltage triggers or audio signal sense.
-Signal Sense feature automatically powers the CP-16i on when an audio signal is detected or puts the unit is standby mode when no signal is present.
-Voltage trigger pass-through for powering on/off additional amplifiers.
-Thermal overload and OC (Overcurrent) monitor indicators protect the amplifier.
-Rackmounting requires just 1RU or use included feet for free standing installation.
-Class-D amplifier technology ensures efficient heat dissipation and low power consumption.