-Hinges 90° for ease of access to components
-Shipped with template to ensure accurate mounting of brackets
-Security locking screws
-Handle for ease of transport, install and maneuvering of panel
-Modular sizing for efficient use of product

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The CSPH Provides storage near the action while eliminating the mess of components and cables underneath conference room tables and desks. With over 350 square inches of secure attachment area, it’s perfect for ensuring efficient and consistent component placement over large rollouts because it allows installers to populate the panel easily at an on-site or off-site staging area (instead of under each desk) and, once installed, the CSPH pivots 90° to allow access in vertical position (instead of fighting gravity). There are 1/3 and 2/3 breakaways in case less space is required, and because the brackets are also sold separately, none of the product goes to waste.