ESC-2+ Ethernet to Serial Converter

The second generation ESC-2+ Ethernet to Serial Converter provides a convenient way to add two RS-232 ports to an RTI XP series control processor. Wire the ESC-2+ to the local Ethernet network for full two-way control, as if the device was wired directly to the control processor. Two built-in RJ-45 jacks and the included RJ-45 to DB9 adapters allow Cat-5 cabling between the ESC-2+ and the device being controlled.* This allows full RS-232 control virtually anywhere there is access to an Ethernet network connection. The ESC-2+ model includes a reset button, which allows the unit to be set back to default settings

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Key Features 

-Provides two additional serial ports to an RTI control processor.
-Use multiple ESC-2+ modules for virtually unlimited control of serial devices.
-Capable of two-way serial communication.
-Integrates seamlessly into Integration Designer.
-Can be discovered and configured by Integration Designer over Ethernet.
-Easy wiring to devices using cat-5 cable – Includes two RJ-45 to DB9 serial adapters.
-Reset button allows ESC-2+ to be set back to factory defaults.