FlexPoint FP4

The FP4 is a point-source loudspeaker designed for short-throw distributed systems which require premium sound quality from a miniature enclosure. It delivers exceptional output and performance for its size and is ideal for installations requiring spot and fill coverage where space is limited. With a wide and smooth frequency response, it reproduces both speech and music effortlessly.


  • Miniature, passive two-way loudspeaker
  • High output capability relative to size
  • Coaxial Point Source configuration
  • Wide frequency response for quality speech and music reproduction
  • 4″ (100mm)/1.25″ (32mm) voice coil LF driver
  • 1″ (25mm) polymer diaphragm/0.7″ (18mm) exit HF driver
  • 110″ conical dispersion
  • 3D prediction software [DISPLAY 3]
  • Powered by iKON or VIA amplifiers