HCL-404J 4 Units Two-way Column Loudspeaker

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System Overview
The two-way single-drive full-range column speaker comes with 4×4″ midrange units and 12×0.75″ tweeters. Three tweeters form a linear tweeter sub-array in combination with a coaxial transducer and a midrange unit allowing smoother off-axis response. 40° fixed vertical coverage and wider coverage optimized sound field uniformity.
It can meet the needs of conference sound reinforcement in small and medium-sized conference rooms.When used with woofer, the system obtains greater dynamic energy and fulfills the sound reinforcementrequirements for audio and video programs.

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System Features
-40° vertical direction
-Two-way column loudspeaker
-Composite carbon fiber units
-Can be combined with HCL-404