HCL-804A 8 Units Two-way Directivity Controllable Column Loudspeaker

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System Features
Vertical pointing angle and width adjustable Dual beam adjustable Independent switch for beam sidelobe suppression Beam center point adjustable AES/EBU and analog dual signal input with hot backup

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System Overview
Two-way directivity controllable column loudspeaker comes with 8×4″ midrange units and 24×0.75″ tweeters. Built-in multi-channel DSP engine and high-performance class D digital amplifier can control each individual array element with high precision in a programmable manner. It can be decomposed into two independent beams for control and adjustment, providing simultaneous input of analog audio and AES/EBU digital audio signals to achieve hot backup. Loudspeaker setting and monitoring are all carried out via standard Ethernet, which is efficient and convenient.
When combined with a woofer, the system fulfills the sound reinforcement requirements of presenting PPT and video programs.