M2 MicTrak

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Zoom’s M2 MicTrak elevates the work of creators looking to easily record perfect audio. With its innovative X/Y mic capsule design and 32-bit float technology, the M2 MicTrak always gives you great sound in one take.

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M2 Features
– Stereo 32-bit float recorder
– Newly designed stereo X/Y microphones provide unmatched frequency response and clarity
– Body construction and specialized finish to reduce handling noise
– LCD screen with waveform display
– Easy-to-use front panel controls
– Mono mode for ENG application
– Onboard Normalization function
– 3.5mm headphone output
– Includes a newly designed mic clip to mount on a mic stand
– USB Microphone compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android (48 kHz at 24 or 32-bit Float**)
– Use as a USB microphone and record to SD card simultaneously
– Runs on 2 AA batteries* (11 hour battery life)


– M2 MicTrak
– Windscreen
– Mic Clip
– Quick Tour


– WSU-1 Universal Windscreen
– SMC-1 Stereo Mini Cable
– TPS-4 Tripod Mic Stand
– AD-17 Power Adapter
– ZHA-4 Headphone Amplifier