PDM-1 Phone-Doorbell Mute Plate

The PDM-1 Phone-Doorbell Mute Plate is used with RTI Audio distribution systems (Models: AD-8x/AD-4x/AD-8/AD-4) to provide a connection point for phone and doorbell systems. When an incoming call is received or a doorbell is rung, the voltage from these systems is passed to the audio distribution system and will temporarily mute the audio. The PDM-1 is wall mounted in a standard single gang electrical box and uses a Decora style wall plate (not included).

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Key Features 

-Provides a convenient connection for phone and doorbell systems.
-An incoming call or doorbell generates a voltage which is passed to the RTI audio distribution system to mute the audio temporarily.
-A Phoenix connector will accept up to two AC or DC voltages from two different doorbell chimes.
-An RJ11 jack will accept a single phone line.
-Mounts into single gang electrical box and uses Decora® style wall plate (not included).
-No power supply required for operation