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DSP processing no analog I/O, with 64×64 Dante

Benefits and Features
• 128 (64×64) Dante™ and powerful Symetrix DSP combine extremely
cost-effective processing with the flexiblity of Dante™ networking.
• Together, Symetrix and Dante™ provide the fastest possible way to
implement, control, and maintain a system of networked DSPs and
accessories at the lowest possible cost.
• Programmed using ComposerTM open-architecture software for nearly
unlimited application flexibility.
• Ideal DSP hub for Dante™ end-points.
• Embedded web server provides remote metering and diagnostics.
• Compact ½ rack format. PoE+ injector included. Rack and surface
mount kits sold separately.
• Multiple user control options include the ARC-WEB browser, low cost
ARC Wall Panels, third-party touch panels, and SymVue.
• Ultra low latency Dante™ network audio protocol uses standard IT
• Front panel LCD displays configuration, system status, and analog
audio levels using a single push-button for navigation.
• Analog I/O may be added using Symetrix Dante™-enabled analog I/O