T1230 / T1230-W

For applications that typically require a throw between 15-30m (50-100ft), a full-blown line array is not always practical, optimal or affordable. Conversely, a point source solution may not be sufficient in coverage and SPL.

TORUS T1230 is a constant curvature array, designed to fill that gap perfectly, combining optimised coverage, SPL and cost efficiency.

T1230 offers a fixed vertical pattern of 30? with a flexible horizontal pattern that can be manually adjusted between 90? and 60? or 75? (asymmetrical) via the Dynamic Horn Flare?.

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  • Two-way passive, constant curvature array element
  • Compact enclosure with high output capability
  • 1 x 12? (300mm) LF driver plus 3 x 1.4? (35mm)/1? (25mm) exit HF drivers
  • Dynamic Horn Flare? manually adjustable between 90? and 60? or 75? (asymmetrical) for flexible horizontal coverage
  • Fixed 30? vertical dispersion pattern
  • Phase plug for increased mid-band output
  • Easy-to-use integral rigging for quick set-up
  • Integral fittings to facilitate pole-mounting
  • Optimised coverage via DISPLAY 3
  • Powered by iKON amplifiers